Simple steak trick turns any cut into incredibly tender “poor man’s filet mignon”

Jack Scalfani from the Cooking With Jack Show shows us an incredibly simple trick to turn almost any cut of meat into a tender and juicy steak.

Using nothing more than a simple $1.99/lb steak, Jack makes a tasty meal he calls the “poor man’s filet mignon.”

The secret is coarse grain Kosher salt.

According to Jack, “The salt is going to pull the moisture out of this meat, and it’s also going to do something to the protein molecules. It’s going to break them down. I don’t know the science to it, I just know it works!”

Even if he doesn’t have a degree in Chemistry, Jack’s knows what he’s talking about.

Don’t believe him? Watch him demonstrate the effectiveness of this trick on two identical cuts of meat in the video below.