Gorgeous Rustic Log Cabin Charmer is Only $12,000? I Want It!

This small log home is built where it captures all the scenic surrounding views no matter what window you’re looking from. The wood cabin has beautiful wild flowers growing all around the property, and the photos do a great job at demonstrating just how beautiful of an area it is. There’s exposed beams throughout the interior of the small log home space, and cathedral ceilings that make it feel like there’s an abundance of space everywhere in the home. The windows are large and let in a lot of natural light so you can grow some plants indoors with no problem, or just enjoy the feelings of open airiness.

This wood cabin is designed so that it can meet all the needs of a family of three to four people. The spacious living room of has a window and a door at the front side of the room, which gives a feeling of lightness, ease and unity with the surrounding nature. On this wood cabin design, there are three glass doors on the facade that provide a separate entrance from the patio to the bedroom and the living room and allow you to see all the outside garden or the sun-drenched lawn. Above the master bedroom there can be an extra bed that can help to accommodate guests, or you can just make a game place for children here. This is the perfect sized space for a log cabin retreat.

An outdoor patio completes this prefab log cabin kit and makes the perfect spot to entertain family and friends, and a place to extend the inside living space. The outdoor patio at this small log home can be used from spring to fall so that the outdoor patio could be described as an open lounge. The patio is part of the small log home and helps to harmonize with the architecture of the wood cabin. This is just one of the prefab log cabin kits from Archiline Log Houses which offer to buy a full kit of this wood cabin. They can also take care of the delivery of the wood cabin building materials to the construction site, the installation of the foundations, assembling of the wood cabin and all the finishing works. This is just one of the prefab log cabin kits and small log homes you will find on the ArchiLine site.