Local Restaurant Displays Hilarious Message On Its Sign Every Day – Whole Town Laughs Out Loud

The marquee is an ages-old technique to get customers’ attention. It can be used to share important messages, update customers on promotions, or simply to put a smile on the face of anyone passing by. This restaurant chose the last option, and the results are hilarious!

El Arroyo is a restaurant based in Austin, Texas. They put up a different sign every single day, and the messages never disappoint. The ideas come from customer pitches posted online. A team made up of managers, owners, and contributors chose the phrases that make them laugh the loudest and share them with the world. Here are 15 of the hilarious signs posted by El Arroyo.

Don’t treat yourself, treat her!

Growing up means doing things for yourself.

We really need to know!

That darn veggie lover!

A fresh take on a classic.

It’s hard work, you know.

True story.

Others WILL know we were here.

Just tell me it isn’t true.

Childhood ruined.

Think about it.

Come on, parents, you know you agree.

Who needs ’em?

Hindsight is 20/20.

But at least the same goes for Grumpy.

This restaurant has put up some totally hilarious signs. They even have a book out: El Arroyo’s Big Book of Signs: Volume One. This book is out just in time for the holidays!

If you have some great ideas for the El Arroyo marquee, you can submit your thoughts to the restaurant’s newsletter by signing up on their website.

This restaurant shows that a business can find success without taking life too seriously. This is a great model for any aspiring business-people out there!

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Source: Wide Open Country