Watch US troops fire the $80,000 Excalibur round for the first time

The video footage below was taken in January, 2013 and shows US troops firing the ridiculously huge Excalibur round for the first time.

At $80,000 per round, the Excalibur is easily the most expensive round the gunner has ever fired from his M777 Howitzer cannon at the forward operating base Frontenac in the Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

What makes this round truly special is the GPS guidance system which drastically reduces collateral damage. It can penetrate a building and then detonate on a specific floor.

Given the incredibly high cost, this piece of field artillery is rarely fired and mostly reserved to eliminate a threat in cities.

Following the fire mission, Ammo Team Chief Spc. Michael Arnold of Brovo Battery, 2-3 FA gives a brief interview about his experience firing the Excalibur.