Hooters Is Offering Free Chicken Wings To Single People On Valentines Day

When you’ve just gone through a nasty breakup, Valentine’s Day probably doesn’t feel like much of a cause for celebration. But then again, when there’s free wings up for grabs, who gives a shit about failed relationships?

There’s only one love that really matters – the love that exists between man and fried chicken. And the good people at Hooters are well aware of that fact.On Valentine’s Day, the US sports restaurant chain is offering up free wings as part of its ‘Shred Your Ex’ promotion. All you need to do is take a picture of your ex along with you, rip it up and you’ll be gifted a free portion of the good stuff.

Can’t bring yourself to do it? No worries – just ask your waitress to do it for you and you’ll receive 10 free boneless wings when you purchase just ten regular wings.

If you don’t think you can watch a photograph of your ex get torn up without bursting into tears like a total fanny you can simply do it online instead. Just head over to the site where you can fill in a short questionairre and then virtually “shred,” “burn,” “bury” or “dart” the pics in exchange for a coupon redeemable on February 14th.

The restaurant is well known for its scantily clad waitresses, but shifting attitudes have forced the chain to readdress its USP and move into the 21st century in an attempt to drum up fresh business.

Last year, the brand opened up the first of its new fast-casual branches, called Hoots, which employs both male and female serving staff and does away with the skimpy uniforms.

The restaurant has previously rubbished claims that it exploits women, saying the chain values women’s rights, “because it guarantees women have the right to choose their own careers, be it a Supreme Court Justice or Hooters Girl”.

“Just as with any traditional, fast-casual, counter service employee, there will be both male and female employees,” Lizz Harmon, spokesperson for Hoots, told The Huffington Post via email last year.

“There will be order-at-the-counter (or online) and dine-in or take-away service. The uniform will be shorts or pants and a newly designed Hoots T-shirt.”

If you’re keen to get some free wings as part of the Shred Your Ex campaign then make sure to check with your local branch to avoid disappointment.

Sadly, Brits will miss out on the action, with the only Hooters branch in the UK not running the promotion. You could always fork on a plane ticket stateside if you’re the desperate, but it would kind of defeat the object.

Featured Image Credit: Hooters