19 Differences Between Men and Women!

Men and women have different goals, ambitions and for the most part different lifestyles. It is a good thing that we are as diverse as we are otherwise I don’t believe consider to spend our lives with someone that is an exact copy of ourselves.

Following are 22 pictures that take a funny twist on the differences that men and women share. Let’s have a laugh and maybe be you just might agree with one or two on the list.
We men do that as well, it’s just over looked.

Oh, have to bleep out this one.Yeah, I can’t even say that it isn’t true. Most of the time we don’t even wear pants till way after we have breakfast.

We are not good under preasure ok! but we still try.

Haha… boner.

Come on… you can’t say you don’t do this.

Hey, both are pretty creative you have to admit that.

My man!

Hmm…can’t say I haven’t done it.

A dude in this state deserves to get shot. I’m not joking, you come at me with you thing out I’m gonna shoot you.

All the angry ladies out there, we finally got it. Just give us a little more time and we promise that we’ll learn the language.

So, who has it worse?

Both guy and girls have to admit this is the truth.

Hey we both like to stuff our faces, just not with the same stuff.

Yep, sorry ladies. We suck at this.

You know what lady, I’ve never thought about that. that is so weird; what the heck does it mean to smell like House Music?