A scientific study conducted by the prestigious University of Oxford suggests that you should get yourself a Big Booty Judy instead of Becky with the Flat Ass, because it turns out that a big booty gets a girl more than just the anaconda, if you know what I mean.

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The Oxford study analyzed data from over 16,000 women, and found that ladies who have some junk in the trunk are more intelligent and more resistant to chronic illnesses than women who are less endowed.

Apparently, women with big, beautiful butts have lower cholesterol and glucose levels, in addition to higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. Plus, they have higher amounts of a hormone called dinopectina, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties. And when you put all those things together, you get the perfect combination for heart health.


But that’s not all – those relatively higher levels of Omega 3 fats also mean a nicely working brain, and the plentiful adipose tissue found in the booty traps harmful fats, therefore preventing cardiovascular disease. Wow, who knew having a colossal ass could be so healthy?

Lead researcher Dr. Konstantinos Manolopoulous said, “The idea that body fat distribution is important to health has been known for some time. However, it is only very recently that thigh fat and a large hip circumference have been shown to promote health; that lower body fat is protective by itself.”


And you know what the health benefits of a big butt translate to? A mind-blowingly sexy woman, because men are subconsciously attracted to healthy women who can pop out babies.

So, it would appear as though Sir Mix-a-Lot knew what he was talking about when he said “I like big butts and I can not lie.” Nobody can deny the beauty of a big butt. Nobody.

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This Texas Mom Ignored Haters and Made Her Butt World Famous

This mother of two blew off her haters and has turned her love of her body into an Instagram sensation. And now, she’s cashing in on her new found fame.

In less than a year, Texas mother Courtney Ann has gained almost 400,000 Instagram followers by posting photos of her butt.

Had a great Saturday night in #dallas 💗 I'm so ready for a fun shoot with @justinyanger 📸 Have a great #sundayfunday 😘

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Her account @texasthighs started as a dare with her husband who admires his wife’s commitment to fitness despite her busy life.

And it’s just exploded from there.



By now, you’ve probably heard about the insanely raunchy “Sex Island” vacation from Good Girls Company, where 30 lucky guests will fly out to a private island off the coast of Catagena, Colombia, and gorge themselves on more alcohol, sex, prostitutes, and hard drugs than their bodies can handle.

On the 4-day drug-fueled vacation, guests will have their minds blown in wild sex sessions, spend 30 minutes with 16 prostitutes at the same time, and party on a luxury yacht where they’ll indulge in “unlimited sex” with hookers, drink their body weight in alcohol, and probably take a bath in cocaine.

Sounds like a hard partying sex maniac’s dream come true, right? Yeaaah.

In fact, it’s been revealed that an unnamed “high profile British pop star” who has a bunch of “number one hits” is among the guests. Hmm…I wonder who? Mick Jagger? Harry Styles? Calvin Harris? Sting???

Anyway, apparently the “sex island experience” is just a little too wild for the world, because first, the promotional videos got pulled from YouTube for being too raunchy and possibly breaking some Colombian laws on pimping, and now, the Colombian government is banning the trip and calling it “unacceptable,” and saying a vacation like this simply cannot be allowed to happen.

Wow…can you imaging going all the way to Colombia for this vacation, and then getting screwed by the government instead of hookers? That would suck.

Well, fingers crossed everything works out, and the 30 lucky guests don’t get deported.

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❤️ 🌴

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It’s hard to put a lot of words together about molten-hot Mexican weather girl and certified Instagram celebrity Yanet Garcia. Mainly because she’s the type of woman that can leave you speechless.

It seems that Yanet—whose celebrity has expanded well beyond the state of Monterrey, where she presents forecasts on the news—recently took a little beach vacation. Luckily for her 5.1 million Instagram followers, she took photos and videos.


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Obviously, when a woman looks as good in a two-piece as Yanet Garcia does, more than a few pics end up on her Insta in which she displays her fantastic assets.

Have some fun on the sand with Yanet in new and old pics below.


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Vive intensamente 🌴

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Hi Colombia 🇨🇴 👙

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Happy Sunday 😎👙 Este traje de baño lo puedes encontrar en @yanetgarciacollection ❤️

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Quick vocal warmup: say “Sexy Selena is single” five times fast!

For Selena Gomez (the Wizards of Waverly Place wonder girl, “Hands to Myself” hitmaker, Netflix producer and Coach model… the list go

es on) just split with Canadian rapper The Weeknd after 10 months of dating.

It’s too bad The Weeknd just can’t make a relationship last. Before Gomez, the “Starboy” singer was linked to supermodel Bella Hadid, which culminated in an awkward on-stage reunion at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Even worse for Mr. Weeknd, Selena has been spotted with her old ex Justin Bieber in recent days. That’s gotta hurt.

On a more positive note, Selena Gomez is newly single! As a beautiful 25 year old with her entire life ahead of her and 128 million Instagram followers (that’s bigger than the population of Japan), this surely won’t be her last fling.

Let’s be real: it’ll probably be with another celebrity, at least in the B-list range. And based on aforementioned sightings, it may be with Bieber although we pray that’s just Hollywood hearsay.


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Officially a part of the fam @puma #pumapartner

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Still, that doesn’t mean us regular folk can’t entertain the idea of romancing a bonafide singer-actress-model triple threat.

Below, se-lebrate sexy Selena’s singledom with more of her hottest Instagram shots, below.

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first show/tomorrow @revivaltour

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Make up and photography by @byjakebailey

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@instyleuk 💜

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@gq this month -thank you for the rad article Zach

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Gorgeous 50-year-old farm girl drives an equally gorgeous ’57 Chevy

This drop dead gorgeous 50-year-old loves guns, cars, exercise, and working on the family farm. She’s no stranger to a hard day’s work and a long night of play.When she’s not shooting, farming, fishing, or driving classic cars, Farm Girl is making YouTube videos on her channel Banshee Moon to the tune of $100,000 a year. That’s one hell of a monetized hobby!

She and her husband run a small farm in North Carolina, but started sharing their home videos around 2012. Since then the Banshee Moon channel has exploded in popularity with dozens of videos earning millions of views.

“I believe it’s important to stay fit. I do sit ups and push ups in the morning to get my metabolism going and then weight training and cross fit in the evening. Plus we always eat clean and buy local meat,” Jen said in an interview with Daily Mail.

Watch her cruise around in a classic ’57 Chevy in the video below