Quick vocal warmup: say “Sexy Selena is single” five times fast!

For Selena Gomez (the Wizards of Waverly Place wonder girl, “Hands to Myself” hitmaker, Netflix producer and Coach model… the list go

es on) just split with Canadian rapper The Weeknd after 10 months of dating.

It’s too bad The Weeknd just can’t make a relationship last. Before Gomez, the “Starboy” singer was linked to supermodel Bella Hadid, which culminated in an awkward on-stage reunion at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Even worse for Mr. Weeknd, Selena has been spotted with her old ex Justin Bieber in recent days. That’s gotta hurt.

On a more positive note, Selena Gomez is newly single! As a beautiful 25 year old with her entire life ahead of her and 128 million Instagram followers (that’s bigger than the population of Japan), this surely won’t be her last fling.

Let’s be real: it’ll probably be with another celebrity, at least in the B-list range. And based on aforementioned sightings, it may be with Bieber although we pray that’s just Hollywood hearsay.


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Officially a part of the fam @puma #pumapartner

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Still, that doesn’t mean us regular folk can’t entertain the idea of romancing a bonafide singer-actress-model triple threat.

Below, se-lebrate sexy Selena’s singledom with more of her hottest Instagram shots, below.

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first show/tomorrow @revivaltour

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Make up and photography by @byjakebailey

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@gq this month -thank you for the rad article Zach

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McDonald’s is bringing back the McRib.

McDonald’s is bringing back the McRib.

The fast-food chain is bringing the controversial boneless pork sandwich back to certain locations across the US in early November, according to local McDonald’s.

McDonald’s SoCal tweeted that the McRib will return on November 2, while McDonald’s Hawaii tweeted that the sandwich will return on November 9. On Tuesday, reports emerged that the McRib is available at some New York locations.

“There’s a lot of mystery around why the McRib comes and goes, but to be honest it’s a local option based on consumer demand,” the main McDonald’s account tweeted last week.

Part of the McRib’s appeal is the chaotic customer response and copious press coverage that the sandwich receives. It doesn’t return every year or to every location — which makes the hunt for the McRib even more exciting.

There’s even a McRib locator, which keeps track of sightings of the sandwich. At this point, the website is probably the best bet to figuring out if there’s a McDonald’s selling McRibs near you. As of Monday evening, the only confirmed sightings this year were in the Buffalo, New York area.

McDonald’s did not immediately respond to our request for more information regarding which locations would sell the McRib.


Lethal Weapon has been such a strong action-comedy franchise that it’s still around today as a TV show. The show stars Damon Wayans in the Danny Glover role of Roger Murtaugh and Clayne Crawford as the role Mel Gibson created, Martin Riggs.

It’s a good show, but no one can top the original Murtaugh and Riggs. That’s why it’s damn exciting to learn Gibson, Glover, and director Richard Donner are in talks to get the original cast together again.

One of the most memorable lines from the movies was Murtaugh’s “I’m too old for this shit.”

Danny Glover is 71 and Mel Gibson is 61, so we’re pretty sure if Lethal Weapon 5 gets off the ground, we’ll probably hear that one again.

From both of them.

As Bullets Flew This Marine Vet Stole a Truck and Started Transporting Vegas Shooting Victims to the Hospital Himself

Taylor Winston, a 29-year-old Marine who had served in Iraq, thought he heard fireworks as he stood with friends to the right of the stage at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas. That was until he saw people screaming and running for their lives while others just dropped to the ground.

Winston and his friend, Jenn Lewis, fled the scene, leaving another buddy, Jason, in the crowd to look after himself and other friends, but Winston and Lewis didn’t bail on Jason completely. Instead, the pair spotted an abandoned truck and used it to take the wounded to the hospital. Not just a veteran of the Marines, Winston has also been to his fair share of country music festivals and figured that there would have to be at least one truck with the keys still in it. “So I just crossed my fingers and it turned out to work out,” Winston said.

“Jenn and I luckily found a truck with keys in it and started transporting priority victims to the hospital and made a couple trips and tried to help out the best we could until more ambulances could arrive,” Winston continued. The pair managed to transport more than 20 people to a nearby hospital in just two trips. Several of Winston’s passengers had serious injuries, such as one woman who had been shot in the neck and chest, however, he is unsure how many people the pair were able to save.

Iraq veteran Taylor Winston, 29, of San Diego, found keys in an unoccupied van to shuttle dozens of gunshot victims to the hospital. (Photo courtesy of Taylor Winston)

“I can’t be for certain. There’s a few that I don’t think probably made it. They were pretty limp when we were pulling them out of the truck, but they still had a pulse, so I’m hoping for the best,” Winston admitted. “I’m moreso just angry that someone did this, but I just gotta react. I can’t really dwell on it a whole lot.”

Once the pair had completed their trips to the hospital, Winston discovered he had saved a friend’s sister, however, amidst all the madness, he hadn’t been taking any notice of faces. “I was in such a speedy movement I didn’t assess anyone’s faces or anything,” Winston said. “Just wounds and who was most critical. I was just trying to be efficient and get the most serious critical condition people to the hospital first.”

En route to the hospital, Winston and Lewis were able to flag down a police car, who put on the siren and escorted the truck carrying the wounded through the traffic to the hospital, where medical staff were waiting to help victims. Friends have hailed the pair on Facebook as heroes. “I know you didn’t do this for recognition but because it was the right thing to do and that’s what makes you such an incredible human,” Winston’s friend, Jenifer Michelle concluded her message to the former Marine.