016 El Camino SS is on its way! Do you like it?
The new 2016 El Camino SS now is getting more attention from the people everywhere in the world. Who doesn’t need this 455 Horsepower hauler that is able to drift the back end around like Shakira? We are not sure what the cargo capacity is on a GM Alpha chassis, but we know that you could make it into a tarpolin lined cooler/hot tub.

Because the photo proof is simply a rendering with an unfamiliar source means that it could be some very bored photograph or maybe it could have some from the GM just to check the reaction. Because the advertisement on the internet has been insane for things like the gossiped Ford Bronco, and so many others, gives these companies an amazing feedback on if they should carry on with the project.
So, if you like this project, then let us and GM know that, and if you don’t like it, then comment on what they should change.


Divorce Selfies Are A Thing Now

There’s a new trend going around among couples who have decided to call it quits. It involves taking a selfie once the divorce is final and the trend is gaining popularity on social media. Just look at all these smiling divorcing faces….

What Does It Feel Like To Be 80 Years Old Knowing That Death Is Imminent?

I am in my 80s. To be this age is largely luck. To be this age and reasonably healthy with peace of mind is even luckier. To be this age, be healthy, and not lonely makes one feel so lucky that you want to gulp the moments down like a drowning man reaching air. I have been in five car crashes without being hurt (none were my fault). During the war as a child, I experienced several bombs falling within close range and where people within yards of myself were killed or injured. Numerous other such incidents sometimes gives one a sense of invulnerability, and other times that the next incident won’t be so lucky.

I regret much but also realize that having regrets meant that I had opportunities to regret; I was lucky to have those opportunities. There is a desire to leave one’s mark; graffiti on the wall of time; an apt engraving on a tombstone or small plaque on a park bench. The gifts of inheritance that will be gratefully accepted, and carry the essence of one’s past. The slogan ‘I was here’ seems as important as always, but much more in the sense of ‘I hope I deserve it’ rather than ‘And now you know.’

Much thought is sometimes given to organ donations, with an underlying feeling of ‘Please God keep me healthy and I will give my body to science in return.’ Though living on as a kidney transplant is more of an altruistic gesture than a religious one.

When friends pass away, it is not just their presence that is lost, it is also the memories they have of you. The “Do you remember when…?” conversations that pepper the elderly reminiscences. Fear of death is actually rare and is commonly a joke. On the other hand, fear of losing one’s memories, faculties, or independence is real. We put a great value on having people who we can trust — especially to carry out wishes when we are gone. Making final decisions can be upsetting, particularly if they relate to young people who are distant in age and lifestyle yet close in relationship.

One gets comfort from familiarity; the same cup; the same chair; the same view. One can be disturbed by the disruption or criticism of established habits. Having pets is a comfort, but caring for them can be increasingly difficult when joints get stiff, and even bending over is an effort.

It is easy to put off things till tomorrow, though there is the thought that there may not be a tomorrow. Oddly enough, the older one gets, the more likely it is that one will live longer. If the Devil hasn’t taken you yet, he may not be bothering. There is the constant sorting out of possessions no longer used, and not acceptable even for charity shops. The clothes that once looked smart in ones finger-clicking days now seem to say “How can you do this to me?” as they read your thoughts. There are the books you intended reading, but now never will. The postcards of forgotten places with ‘Hope you are well’ signed by some long lost friend. The photos of someone you knew well, but cannot now recall the name. Perhaps the more intimate letters from those you knew when time stood still.

So, what is it like to be in your eighties? It is really not much different from being any age where your concerns are getting through the day. On the other hand, people have more importance than possessions; comfort more worth than ambition; trust more value than money; love more satisfying than immortality.

Perhaps in some ways, one wants to leave the world as one entered it; without fear or pain; without anger or distrust; without possessions or debts; without demands or expectations; in innocence.

–  Stan Hayward

Badass Of The Week: Salamo Arouch, The Man Who Boxed for His Life in Auschwitz

When Salamo Arouch arrived at the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau on May 15, 1943, he was disinfected, shorn of his hair, and tattooed with the number 136954. Shortly afterward, a German commandant asked if any of the prisoners boxed or wrestled. Arouch raised his hand. The commandant drew a circle in the dirt, brought in another inmate, and told them to fight. When Arouch knocked down his opponent in the third round, it was the start of his salvation. By boxing for the entertainment of his tormentors, Arouch avoided death in the gas chambers.

“Born in Greece of Sephardic Jewish descent, Arouch had been middleweight champion of the Balkans,” said the London Daily Telegraph.He learned boxing from his father and made his debut in his hometown of Salonika at 14. “Adopting a traditional style of jabbing and crossing, by 1939 he had an unbeaten record with 24 knockouts; his fancy footwork earned him the nickname ‘The Ballet Dancer.’” When the Nazis overran Greece, Arouch’s entire family was shipped to Auschwitz, where he alone survived, for 20 months, by fighting “two or three times a week in a smoke-filled warehouse” as officers placed bets. “For the winner there would be bread and soup; the loser would be executed and incinerated.”
Arouch ultimately won 208 bouts, with only two draws, said TheWashington Post. “Weighing about 135 pounds, he was often put in the ring against much larger men,” including a 250-pound Gypsy he said he knocked out in 18 seconds. “His toughest opponent was a German-Jewish boxer named Klaus Silber,” who had had a 44–0 record before the war and had won more than 100 fights behind Auschwitz’s barbed wire. “They sent each other sprawling out of the ring before Arouch recovered and knocked out his opponent. He never saw Silber again.”
After Auschwitz was liberated, Arouch ran an international shipping and moving business in Tel Aviv, Israel, and married Marta Yechiel, a refugee from Salonika, who survives him. A movie based on his experiences,Triumph of the Spirit, starred Willem Dafoe. When it was released in 1989, Arouch spoke of how he approached his life-and-death struggle. “I felt terrible, I trembled,” he said. “But a boxer had to be without compassion. If I didn’t win, I didn’t survive.”


The Chief of the University of Nevada, Reno Police Dept. — where Colin Kaepernick went to school — is apologizing for an officer who mocked the QB at a Halloween party.

The officer in hot water is Antonio Gutierrez — who wore a Kaepernick jersey with a “Will stand for food” sign … while sporting an afro wig and a fake nose in an effort to make fun of the QB.

But the UNR PD ain’t laughing … Chief Adam Garcia issued a statement condemning Gutierrez saying, “For those who have seen the Halloween costume of one of our officers apparently mocking a citizen who has chosen to take advantage of his constitutional right to protest, I offer my sincere apologies.”

“Members of our profession are held to a higher standard and denigrating another — on or off duty — is insensitive for its lack of respect and lack of understanding on how others may negatively view their actions and may be impacted.”

When asked if the officer was punished, we were told, “We have no policy that would dictate any disciplinary action.”

FYI, Kaepernick was a standout QB at UNR from 2007 to 2010 — before being drafted by the 49ers.

[h/t BSO]

13 Foods You’ll Never Buy Again After Knowing How They Are Made

The food industry is booming these days. With fewer adults knowing how to cook, or even wanting to, processed food sales are soaring. However, do we really know what we’re putting in our mouths? More importantly, we probably wouldn’t put many food products in our mouths after knowing how they’re made. The ingredients, of course, are another story altogether.

If you want to keep enjoying everything you’ve been eating up until now, don’t read on. To get informed on the health hazards and general disgusting ways of the food industry, join us below:

The food industry may struggle to hide many of its secrets, but we’ve caught on. Now that you know the truth, you can make a more informed decision on what to buy and what to eat! At the end of the day, you’re probably better off cooking a simple yet safe and healthy meal at home

13. The Puffy Foam

Marshmallows are now a sort of staple when it comes to modern desserts. Marshmallow fluff is used as a shortcut to making quick, delicious fudge. And let’s not forget Rocky Road ice cream or those amazing s’mores! Toasting marshmallows on a bonfire is pretty much a staple in camping life.

Today, marshmallows are also used as a topping for hot chocolate or in cookies, cakes, or just a snack by themselves. However, this sugary treat is not really healthy. What goes into it, however, can be quite disturbing.

Marshmallows actually got their name from the marshmallow plant. This plant was used in heir making at first. Unfortunately for vegans, though, the marshmallow today contains animal products. And not meat, but gelatin.

Gelatin is basically made by boiling leftover skins and bones of pigs and cows. The meat industry takes what it wants, and sends the scraps to the food factories. After boiling, other ingredients are added to increase the puffiness and softness of the final product.

These ingredients include starch, sugar, sweeteners, and flavorings. The gelatin concoction then gets strained and beaten to resemble the foam version of marshmallows. So the next time you’re eating one of those unique treats, you may want to think again!

12. The Ubiquitous Traveler

Ready to eat meals may be convenient, but at what price? The United Kingdom alone consumed no less than three billion such meals in the year of 2012! While we know they aren’t very healthy, one food journalist uncovered just how grossed out we should be.

Joanna Blythman discovered that ready meals were prepared using a long, long process. Basically, the supermarkets providing these meals subcontract them. The food manufacturers take their order to processing factories that have little to do with farms. Organic meat, fruit, or anything fresh is a stranger to those places.

In fact, this automated system increases the amount of ingredients in the meals. As anyone with any health knowledge can tell you, more ingredients mean more danger. In fact, these ingredients could be sourced from several different places. That means the meal waiting to be microwaved has been to several countries. The number can go up to sixty and above.

Even if the packaging says the contents are fresh, it’s a joke on you. The ingredients may have been fresh, but only when they were cooked, frozen, and packed. From there on, the meal may be years old and still claim to be fresh.

You’re not much better off buying even simple packaged sandwiches. They contain powdered eggs that have been dissolved, crystallized, and frozen. The butter is also in powder form. It’s made using spray drying, through which water is removed from a butter, milk protein, and starch combination.

The working conditions at the factories of these meals are usually atrocious that is why you wouldn’t know of their manufacturers. They remain anonymous and work in secret locations to avoid getting busted.

11. Maybe Stick to Chocolate?

Don’t read on if you love vanilla. Because we’re going to destroy it for you. Still there? Read on at your own risk.

An article in the magazine Time has talked about how the vanilla flavor could actually come from a beaver’s rear end. This may seem like a sensational hoax, but it’s not.

Ice cream manufacturers use cream, milk, sugar, and occasionally eggs to create their product. The mixture is then churned while being frozen. Stabilizers are added to make it all last longer.

However, an added flavor such as vanilla, strawberry, or raspberry could also contain castoreum. This is basically the chemical that beavers use to mark their spot! Cat owners would know what we’re talking about.

The addition of castoreum is not limited to ice cream. Watch out for it in vanilla cookies, icing, cakes, and even perfumes. It serves to create that heady vanilla smell. Vanilla beans are extremely expensive, so the food industry would take shortcuts when it can.

10. The Price of Clarity

The Western world has an obsession with beer. We see it at parties, in red cups, and at the Super Bowl. Many times, one’s day just isn’t complete without a cold one in their hands.

While beer has been in existence for seven thousand years, it has gone through a lot of change. The most glaring shift is in how it’s made.

Basically, beer usually came about by harvesting and drying barley with heat. The barley was then cracked and boiled. After this, it was out in a fermenting vessel with some yeast.

Today, the technique is not so different. However, one ingredient is added along with the yeast now. That ingredient is isinglass, and come from nothing other than a dried fish bladder. Disgusting, right? What’s more, it serves no purpose other than to make the beer look clear and hence pleasing to the eye.

Needless to say, those in the know have been protesting this ingredient for years. The brand Guinness finally gave in to these demands and removed the ingredient from their products in 2017. It’s about time!

9. The Start of the Rainbow

Skittles are an amazing candy. They’re little bursts of flavor that can instantly lift your mood. However, get ready for a blow to your present peace of mind when it comes to the red skittle.

Red candy as a whole, including rainbow mentors, contains a little ingredient called carmine. Basically, carmine is derived from crushed bugs. It takes thousands of these to produce just one pound of carmine. However, the deep red is a very attractive color and in some ways a natural option for coloring food red.

Others may also say that Skittles were never healthy to begin with. They are made up of corn syrup, corn starch, flavorings, sugar, coloring, and dextrin. The blood of a few bugs mixed inside does give us a gag reflex though.

On the upside, carmine used to be in the Starbuck strawberry frappuccino, but not anymore. The giant chain finally decided that carmine was going a step too far. On the downside, any other food product colored red probably contains carmine on some level. This includes jellies, candy, yogurt, and the like. What’s even sadder? Huge makeup brands are also using carmine in their lipsticks and other coloring products.

8. A Top-Notch Polisher

Did you ever notice how jellybeans are just so shiny? Jellybeans are made from heated liquid sugar which is mixed with glucose and starch. The mixture is then poured into waiting molds and cooled for twenty hours.

After this, the jellybeans are polished to a shine. The resin used is shellac, which incidentally is also used in polishing cars! You would also discover it in hairspray, lipstick, and other products with a sheen finish.

Shellac itself is derived from cell glands from organisms. More specifically, the organism involved is a bug residing in India or Thailand. The bug finds a tree, eats and reproduces, and dies. This whole life cycle takes around six months and leaves the tree coated with resin. The resin is the polish we put in our mouths along with the jellybean.

7. The Price of Convenience

Canned mushrooms are great for homemade pizza, but they could contain maggots. While the EU doesn’t allow for any foreign bodies in food, the US regulations are less strict. Therefore, you could be consuming about twenty live n=maggots in a hundred grams of drained canned mushrooms! We highly recommend some thorough checking from now on.

6. Nickelodeon Goes Pink?

Packaged beef is the stuff we use for beef patties, sausages, and many other meat products. However, this usually means the inclusion of pink slime. Not to be associated with the green slime of our childhood, the process for this is little better than gelatin.

Meat trimming and chunks are sprayed with ammonia in order to kill off any lurking bacteria. Then the meat is mixed with several flavoring and additives, and water completes the picture. While pink slime could be safe, it needs very high health standards. Otherwise, hazardous pathogens could wreak havoc in the consumers’ bodies.

5. Whitening the Greens

Salad dressing is used to make our green more palatable. However, homemade dressing never really comes up to the taste of store-bought dressing. There’s a reason for this.

Along with the vinegar, salt, honey, etc, used to make the dressing a nanoparticle called titanium dioxide is added on. This mixes together the ingredients and gives dressing that white look. It has some medicinal effect as well as preserves the dressing for a longer shelf life. What’s more, sunscreen also uses this ingredient.

This results in us taking in around a trillion particles of this substance every day. These could get into our gut wall and cause inflammation. Stomach and digestive problems ensure. What’s even worse, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has confirmed that titanium dioxide could eventually cause cancer.

4. The Addictive Factor

Pringles are so addictive that people keeping popping in one after the other. The way they are made, though, results in a product little better for consumption that paper.

The fact is, Pringles aren’t really potato chips at all. Did you really think all those identical chips came from sliced potatoes? No, the potato flakes are mixed with rice, wheat, corn, etc. The whole thing is then rolled out like a sheet. The chips are cut, and then pressed into the familiar Pringle shape.

Pringles is one of the most processed chip brands in existence. The process doesn’t just end with frying. When the chips get crisp, they are sprayed with flavoring and stacked. Only then do they get to the store for purchase.

Not only does this process rob the ingredients of any nutritious value, it actually creates something. The result is acrylamide, a chemical directly linked to cancer and several health problems.

3. Winging It

Students usually turn to Redbull during exam time. Other times, they just drink it because it may look cool and give them a rush.

However, Redbull was once rumored to contain a substance that came from the testicles of a bull! As gross as this is, it’s thankfully not true. The amino acid Taurine may have cause confusing, but it actually occurs naturally in the human body.

Still, Redbull contains a huge amount of caffeine. It can take several hours for this to leave your bloodstream. Immediately after consumption, blood pressure and heart rates go up. This may create a feeling of energy but soon causes a crash. No wonder students are tired all the time!

2. Buy a Bread Maker

We know that processed stuff isn’t good for us. However, we are still using store-bought bread for our daily needs. What most don’t realize is that processed pies and bread contain an amino acid known as L-cysteine.

Companies use this ingredient as a dough softener. Mass production of bread and pies hence automatically becomes easier, quicker, and cheaper. However, this acid isn’t really something we want to stomach. It is usually made with human hair which was sold by Chinese women. If not human hair, duck feathers are the next choice.

1. Chandler Bing is Crying

The popular show Friends saw one character loving his Kraft Mac and cheese. And who wouldn’t!? It’s a meal that comes together in a few minutes. It is hot, comforting, and absolutely delicious!

However, brands producing instant mac and cheese have recently come under fire. That bright orange too coloring is comprised of Sunset yellow and atrazine. In other words, you can find yellow colors number 5 and 6 in such packaged foods.


Ford has stopped playing coy and finally confirmed its rumored plans to revive one of the brand’s most popular nameplates, the Bronco. With the Jeep Wrangler proving to be a license to print money, the Blue Oval will finally have a sporty off-roader to compete with it starting in 2020.

“We’ve heard our customers loud and clear. They want a new generation of vehicles that are incredibly capable yet fun to drive,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of The Americas. “Bronco will be a no-compromise midsize 4×4 utility for thrill seekers who want to venture way beyond the city.”

The Bronco and the Ranger pickup truck will share a chassis and a factory at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Dearborn. The Ranger will hit showrooms first, starting in 2019, with production beginning in late 2018.

The factory building the new trucks must first be converted from today’s use producing Focus compact cars, whose production is moving to a Mexican plant to make way for the more profitable Ranger and Bronco.

Incredibly, Ford made the official announcement of the new models but showed no concept versions, prototypes or even artists’ sketches of the vehicles, leaving us to rely on our old friends at Bronco6G.com for their impressive renders of what the future Bronco could look like. Maybe leaving the field to Bronco6G is an endorsement by Ford that the new model will resemble these images.


Source: Maxim.com

The Rezvani Tank -Tactical Urban Vehicle

Born from the vision of a pure driving experience, the Rezvani Tank was designed to be the most capable vehicle on and off the road. At its core sits a reliable and powerful 6.4-liter 500-horsepoer V8 engine capable of propelling TANK™ over any terrain. Two unique off-road packages provide high ground clearance, top of the line off-road suspension, andequally capable tires allowing for unstoppable capabilities over any terrain. Power-initiated, rear-opening doors provide easy access to the luxurious cabin. Ergonomically designed seats with just the right amount of padding provide maximum comfort for hours of driving. A proven and capable four-wheel-drive system can be activated when needed for off road use, and de-activated to be more efficient on road. Thermal night vision system from FLIR displays heat signatures as well as standard night vision. A head-up display system shows speed, navigation, incoming calls, text messages, fuel level, calendar notifications, and speed limit on the current road. Check out the video below.