19 Differences Between Men and Women!

Men and women have different goals, ambitions and for the most part different lifestyles. It is a good thing that we are as diverse as we are otherwise I don’t believe consider to spend our lives with someone that is an exact copy of ourselves.

Following are 22 pictures that take a funny twist on the differences that men and women share. Let’s have a laugh and maybe be you just might agree with one or two on the list.
We men do that as well, it’s just over looked.

Oh, have to bleep out this one.Yeah, I can’t even say that it isn’t true. Most of the time we don’t even wear pants till way after we have breakfast.

We are not good under preasure ok! but we still try.

Haha… boner.

Come on… you can’t say you don’t do this.

Hey, both are pretty creative you have to admit that.

My man!

Hmm…can’t say I haven’t done it.

A dude in this state deserves to get shot. I’m not joking, you come at me with you thing out I’m gonna shoot you.

All the angry ladies out there, we finally got it. Just give us a little more time and we promise that we’ll learn the language.

So, who has it worse?

Both guy and girls have to admit this is the truth.

Hey we both like to stuff our faces, just not with the same stuff.

Yep, sorry ladies. We suck at this.

You know what lady, I’ve never thought about that. that is so weird; what the heck does it mean to smell like House Music?

Little Caesars Restaurant Closed For Mouse Droppings Baked Into Pizza

A Little Caesars in Indianapolis, IN, was shut down by health inspectors Tuesday morning after a couple found rodent feces baked into the crust of their pizza.

Johnathan McNeil said he and his girlfriend bought the pizza from the chain restaurant and left. Once they started driving home, his girlfriend noticed something was wrong.

“She looked at the pizza and realized there was like doo-doo looking stuff on the pizza,”.


McNeil said they turned around and went back to the restaurant for an explanation, but the employees claimed to not know what it was.

“All of them were looking at my pizza dumbfounded as if they didn’t know what’s going on,” said McNeil, “I said ‘That’s mouse doo-doo on the bottom of my pizza.’”

He called the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and contacted the Marion County Health Department upon police suggestion.Once the health inspector arrived, an emergency inspection was conducted, resulting in the closure of the restaurant.

“We did find that there were rodent droppings and violations that warranted us doing a license suspension,” said Janelle Kaufman with the Marion County Health Department to FOX 59.

The Little Caesars pizza restaurant had been dealing with a mouse issue since August 2017, FOX 59 reports. The restaurant had been cited four times since the summer for mice-related problems, but was never closed. Before the restaurant was given an all-clear in October, it had received seven violations in 2017 alone, according to the Public Health Department’s website.

McNeil hopes others don’t suffer the same fate as he and his girlfriend.

“I just want people to check their food and be very cautious about what they’re eating,” said McNeil.

The pizza chain was re-opened Wednesday morning after a follow-up inspection. Little Caesars released a statement about the matter:

“Little Caesars takes great measures to ensure its products are high quality. We were notified of the situation at one of our independently owned and operated franchise locations. The store was immediately closed, thoroughly cleaned and the franchisee requested a health department reinspection. The store has reopened with approval from the health department.”

“They cooperated with us, they worked with us…they cleaned everything they needed to do,” said Kaufman to FOX 59.

50 BMG Pistol: Kiss Your Wrists Goodbye

Meet the Triple Action Thunder .50 BMG pistol by Triple Action, LLC.

It may look like a prop from a bad science fiction movie, but this unique single-shot pistol is 100% real. Surprisingly, the recoil is actually not as severe as many would assume thanks to a high efficiency muzzle brake and nitrogen recoil controller shock absorption system.

A Hand Cannon Like None Other

The .50 BMG pistol first started turning heads at SHOT Show 2004 where a prototype was found on display at the Triple Action, LLC booth. The booth also featured a few range videos where the Thunder could be seen in action.

Triple Action, LLC out of Logan, Utah was interested in producing more of these bad boys as a marketing trick to promote their recoil reduction systems. Sadly the company is gone, but the pistol still remains. This hand cannon, and we do mean cannon, fires a .50 cal BMG out of the palm of your hand.


  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Action: Scissor breach with separate cocking lever and case ejector
  • Capacity: Single round
  • Weight: 12 lbs empty
  • Barrel: 13.2″
  • Overall: 16.9″
  • Trigger: 1 to 12 lbs (factory set)

History Of The .50 BMG

While a .50 caliber pistol may seem a bit large for everyday use, a 1/2″ diameter round was completely normal in the flint-lock era. After the development of smokeless powder, most pistols began using smaller bullets fired at higher velocities and the .50 caliber became less and less common. Rifles and machine guns, on the other hand, continued to experiment with larger rounds to meet the demands of mechanized warfare.

The .50 BMG, aka 12.7x99mm NATO, was developed in by John Browning during World War I. The legendary firearm manufacturer recognized the need for an anti-aircraft weapon near the end of the Great War. He based his idea on the .30-06 Springfield cartridge and the M1917 machine gun.The result was a new .50 caliber round that would be fired from the M1921 Browning machine gun, a water-cooled machine gun that would stay in service until 1933 where it was replaced by the M2 air-cooled Browning machine gun.

The .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) cartridge has remained in service by NATO and many other nations since World War II. Originally designed for anti-aircraft purposes, the .50 BMG would later be modified for use with anti-material weapons.

Cartridge Specs

  • Parent Case: .30-06
  • Bullet diameter: .510″
  • Bullet weight: 647 gr – 800 gr
  • Neck diameter: .560″
  • Shoulder diameter: .735″
  • Base diameter: .804″
  • Case length: 3.91″
  • Overall length: 5.45″
  • Max pressure (EPVAT): 60,481 psi
  • Max pressure (CIP): 53,664 psi




Your body has curves, so why aren’t pistols shaped to match? That’s precisely the question our engineering team challenged themselves to answer-and the results are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Introducing the Taurus Curve, the world’s first and only curved firearm. Engineered to fit the unique contours of your body with no visible printing, the Curve is easily one of the most groundbreaking firearms ever conceived.

An extreme departure from your typical compact .380, you’ll find the Curve takes form and function to an entirely unprecedented level. With its patented, snag-free design, the Curve boasts the industry’s first-ever light and laser built right into the frame. Exceptionally accurate and extremely lightweight at just 10.2 ounces, the Curve is one ultra-comfortable, ultra-reliable personal defense handgun.


1 Million Rounds Per Minute GUN

Metal Storm Limited was a research and development company based in Brisbane, Australia that specialized in electronically initiated superposed load weapons technology and owned the proprietary rights to the electronic ballistics technology invented by J. Mike O’Dwyer. The Metal Storm name applied to both the company and technology.

Check the video below for more info


(Scroll down for the video)
Rossi 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol That Will Break Your Hands! – credits to The Canadian Gun Vault
Would you shoot a shotgun transformed into a handgun? This person did, and his response is invaluable. Look at what this hard-recoil Rossi 12 Gage Shotgun Pistol is about. Ever ask why shotguns tend to come standard with shoulder stocks? This is a direct result of the giant force they can create. That is the reason a gun loaded for a 12-gauge shotgun shell is a truly terrible idea. In a video shared on Youtube by The Canadian Gun Vault Inc. demonstrates a weapon that has been assigned as a gun. That bizarre event occurred through a delivery blunder and the laws then considered these handguns rather than shotguns.

The New ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ Is Literally Scarring People For Life

Viral challenges are nothing new. In the beginning, they were an innocent way for people around the world to come together and have fun. The worst thing that happened to participants of the “Cinamon Challenge” was that they’d end up having to drink a lot of water.Then they started to take on a more sinister guise in early 2015 with the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge”. It involved teens sucking the air out of shot glasses for prolonged periods of time in an attempt to imitate the cosmetic mogul’s famous surgically enhanced pout. This came with the risk of bruising from swollen blood vessels and potentially long-term damage. And looking like this:When the “Tide Pod Challenge” hit the headlines in late 2017, many people thought that humankind’s stupidity had finally peaked. The ingestion of detergent was the most dangerous challenge to date, and it led to countless people being hospitalized around the world. In fact, many doctors were forced to warn that consuming detergent can cause fatal internal damage. As if that wasn’t already obvious enough.Now, hot on the heels of the viral stupidity of “Tide Pod Challenge”, there’s a new way to hurt yourself on social media! One of the most painful experiences of my early life came when I put my hand on a burning coil. To my then three-year-old mind, there was something appealing about the red surface of the oven, and I had no idea that it would be excruciatingly painful. When my mom was gone, or at least, when I assume she was, I decided to put my hand on the coil. I ended up swiftly being rushed to the nearest hospital and having to spend weeks of my life having my hand regularly rebandaged as my wound healed.But at least I had the excuse of being a toddler, unlike the guy in the video below… WARNING: Some viewers may find the following footage disturbing.

The “Hot Coil Challenge” involves people placing their arm on the coil of an oven for as long as possible.It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that those who participate are engaging in a bizarre form of self-harm that could scar them for life. While my hand thankfully healed up, it’s unlikely that any participants of this would be left without some serious bodily harm.Needless to say, those who have seen the above video were quick to make their disproval known, with YouTube user Steven McKinney writing, “We are not a species meant to survive” and others echoing this point describing it as “Darwinism at its finest”.

“I love this! We’re branding all the idiots, make them easily identifiable,” added predster141.
The “Hot Coil Challenge” is particularly dangerous because many participants of such trends often try to one-up their predecessors. The challenge first surfaced yesterday on Reddit, according to UniLad, and the video above quickly went viral. The man from the video is pictured below inspecting his self-inflicted burn.
While it’s not known if it has inspired anyone else to scold themselves like this, if the “Tide Pod Challenge” is anything to go by, it’s more than likely that at least one other person will temporarily put down their detergent and have a go at mutilating their arm instead of their internal organs. The top comment on Reddit simply read, “Well, that was f*cking stupid.”

South Korea Vendors Refuse to Stop Serving Dog Meat to Customers During Olympic Games

Opening ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympics began on Friday, and there has already been a fair share of controversy surrounding the events. In an odd turn of events, it’s been reported South Korea vendors are refusing to stop serving canine meat in their dishes to tourists and Olympic attendees. Online reports state several vendors are ignoring government urgings to pull dog meat from their menus. The meat, they state, is a delicacy and should be offered in heightened numbers.2018 Olympics. Unless you’ve been completely oblivious to the outside world in recent weeks, you no doubt know the 2018 Winter Olympics are about to kick off in South Korea. The official cold weather games are set to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and locals are insistent upon keeping its culture intact.Government Request. According to online reports, the South Korean government has requested all of the food vendors in the area please refrain from serving dog meat on their menus. For the most part, vendors in the area are choosing to ignore the government request.Delicacy. As disturbing as it is to the western world, canine meat is considered quite a delicacy in the South Korean neighborhoods. It is said to possess certain “powers” which can be infused by consuming the dog meat. Because of this, locals are refusing to pull it from their kitchen shelves.Annual Consumption. “South Koreans are believed to consume about one million dogs a year a summertime delicacy. The greasy red meat is boiled for tenderness and is believed to increase energy and health,” the DM reports. These facts haven’t exactly sat well with spectators in the area.Boycotting. News sources online state several animal rights activists have spoken out against their cruelty to the animals. In fact, several are calling for a complete boycott of the Olympics altogether based on the refusal to stop the inhumane practices.12 Local Restaurants. The local government asked the surrounding area restaurants to refrain from serving the canine meat during the Olympics. It’s reported there are 12 restaurants in the area immediately adjacent to the center of the games, and all 12 have refused to stop serving their signature dish.Subsidies Offered. After receiving a wall of opposition for the request, government officials turned to a new tactic: money. The government offered restaurant owners a small subsidy in order to entice them to refrain from cooking with dog meat. Of the 12, only 2 agreed at that point.Threatening Livelihood. The restaurant owners who are standing firm on their refusal, have stated excluding the main menu item from their available delicacies would drastically reduce their business. “We’ve faced a lot of complaints from restaurant operators that we are threatening their livelihood,” said government official Lee Yong-bae.Plunging Sales. The article states some of the restaurants did initially agree to swap out the meat. There were a few locations which swapped the dog meat for pork, and found their customers were not pleased by the switch. The negative reaction caused restaurant owners to panic.Making the Switch. “Some of them initially shifted to selling pork or things instead of dog meat only to find their sales plunging sharply. They then switched back to dog meat,” the article states. Most of them claim the dog meat is what keeps them in business and they refuse to be rid of their breadwinner.The Ideal. According to reports in the DM, the government officials were hoping to be able to have a solid grip on the Olympics this year. Instead, they’ve been met with only chaos. “Signs advertising dog meat dishes such as boshintang (health-boosting soup), yeongyangtang (nutrient soup) or sacheoltang (year-round soup), have been replaced with more neutral ones to avoid giving a bad impression to foreigners’ during the Games,” Yong-bae spoke of the situation.Detestable. The consumption of dog meat is considered a “detestable” action in Seoul, but it’s not an enforced belief. Koreans are free to consume the dog meat as they choose, despite its inhumane nature and against the wishes of their local government.Non-Conformists. “South Korean authorities sporadically try to persuade restaurants to change their menus or drop signs suggestive of dog meat during major international events hosted by the country,” the article states. Their efforts have gone on unsuccessful as those who serve the so-called “delicacy” state they will continue to do so.Dogs As Pets. There has been movement recently, showing a shift in the way Korean’s view dogs in general. The perceived image of a dog in years past has been that of “livestock.” “The tradition has declined as the nation increasingly embraces the idea of dogs as pets instead of livestock,” the DM reports.Continuing to Offer. Buyers beware, the local restaurants have officially refused to pull the animal from pantry shelves. No word on whether or not the Korean government will impose more formal regulations regarding serving canine meat during the official Olympic games.