Awesome News! New law makes leaving dogs out in the cold a felony

Some dog owners think it’s okay to leave their dogs out in the cold but finally, lawmakers are stepping in to teach them a lesson! Pennsylvania signed into law, last June, House Bill 1238, better known as Libre’s Law. The law provides protection for pets against cruelty, abuse, and neglect. Part of that law includes leaving pets out in the harsh winter conditions. Such actions could result in felony charges.

The law states that animals cannot be left outside for more than 30 minutes in temperatures above 90 or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any dog owner breaking this law can face felony animal cruelty charges, which can include a punishment of 7 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

These tougher laws will hopefully deter pet owners from subjecting their animals to any mistreatment. Anyone in the state who sees a pet being subjected to abuse or neglect is encouraged to call 911 immediately.

Watch the video below to learn more!

*Note: In the video, Officer Tobin accidentally misquotes the law. It is 30 minutes, not 20 minutes.

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Jack Daniel’s Releases Whiskey-Infused Coffee For Your Morning Boost

The best part of waking up? The Jack Daniel’s coffee in your cup, of course.

Jack Daniel’s has jumped on the coffee bandwagon and started making its own brew that tastes like whiskey.They’ve got their own coffee cups, travel cups, coffee beans and Arabica ground, soon we will see George Clooney with a JDspresso soon.Jack Daniel’s describe their new coffee range:

Our unique blend of gourmet coffee is 100% Arabica, infused with authentic Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, and roasted medium to provide a full-bodied rich flavor.

The distinct caramel and vanilla notes of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey are evident in each sip.

World of Coffee operates using the same principles as Mr. Jack Daniel, ‘Everyday we make it, we’ll make it the best that we can.’

We have been roast masters since 1984 and adhere to strict quality standards in the sourcing and production of the best tasting coffee.

Unlike with a boozy Irish coffee, you can’t get drunk on Jack Daniel’s coffee blend as it does not have any alcohol content.Just like Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, our coffee blend is crafted with pride using premium beans and proprietary roasting methods for a delicious brew with bold character and a smooth finish.

The beans are soaked in the whisky for a long period of time, but the roasting process takes away any alcohol, leaving the deep, smooth cinnamon flavour on them.

Science Says People Who Curse A lot Are More Healthy

According to science and some studies, there’s a bunch of reasons that swearing is good for you. Researchers have decided that those who swear regularly are more happy, healthy, intelligent and of course, honest.

One study indicates that during an argument (in any setting), using profanity can lead to higher effectiveness and persuasion. If you’re trying to be seen as passionate and firm in a stance, using swear words can help your agenda.

By swearing, we not only communicate the meaning of a sentence, but also our emotional response to the meaning — our emotional reaction to something. It also allows us to express anger, disgust or pain, or indicate to someone that they need to back off, without having to resort to physical violence.

Along with this, studies show that those who curse have higher levels of integrity and can, in turn, be much more honest people. According to research, those who use profanity tend to lie less, as tested on a lie detector exam. In terms of your mood, researchers also say that letting out a few bad words every now and again can actually release endorphins, like exercising, and can overall improve your mood. There’s nothing like letting out a few F-bombs when you’re having a really bad day, right?

If you’re looking how to test your intelligence, knowing really bad words can also lead to the indication that you have a better vocabulary than those who don’t know as many bad words. As well, cursing can be linked to having a higher IQ.

Also, swearing improves your pain tolerance, which is why we all love to scream profanity when we’re injured. Researchers say that cursing can have the same effect on those in pain as a shot of morphine can have–which, is pretty wild.

So, the next time someone tells you to “watch your mouth,” or “language,” be sure to inform them that you’re only looking to better your own life and soul. Also, take pride in the fact that you’re probably happier than they are.


Willie Nelson’s children prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

While his children have continued to make appearances during tours or performances to showcase their talented genes, it seems that one of Nelson’s children has constantly been praised for his striking vocal resemblance to his father’s.

28-year-old Lukas Nelson has often taken to social media to share his musical gift, commonly choosing to cover his father’s hits and, as expected, do them justice.

In a past performance that took viewers by storm, Lukas performed his father’s heart-rendering ballad “Always On My Mind, baring such an incredible resemblance to his legendary father that fans were nothing short of astounded!

The impromptu performance, deemed a “late night jam,” was accompanied by flawless instrumentals, eliciting an overload of raw emotions and searing talent.

As expected, Lukas received a starstruck ovation by those who were clearly blown away by this young man’s talent! It looks like this hopeful performer may be the key to a country outlaw revival!

Check out this phenomenal performance below!

New York To Ban Tasty Looking Tide Pods

Can we just be done with this garbage already? The state of New York in direct opposition to Darwin has made moves to ban Tide Pods after the internet rage of eating them has taken the country by storm. New York, why would you ban these Tide Pods? If they’re going to do it after the warning on the box, or general common sense that we shouldn’t eat shit that isn’t food, let them do it.

New York, you’re getting in the way of progress! We know in your heart you just want to protect your people, but the truth is there is no protecting the stupid. You can only delay the inevitable. In fact, sometimes by banning or warning the stupid among us, you hasten their demise. People love doing what they’re told not to do. So maybe we should get you to ban Tide Pods. Hmmm…we’ve changed our minds. Ban away, New York! Let’s see if the gene pool sorts itself out!

We do still find it pretty funny that a state thinks it can legislate intelligence. Are the people in the New York legislature eating Tide Pods secretly? Is there a Tide Pod epidemic among state representatives? Who’s really behind this Tide Pod ban?

We had some suspicions and did some investigating. What we found will, no doubt shock you! The kitchen cleaner Ajax (Francis) is behind this criminalization of Tide. Hoping to be the next big internet fad Ajax (Francis) has paid several New York state representatives to ram the Tide Pod Ban down folks throats, much like they were doing with the actual Tide Pods. Always follow the money folks, it’ll save us the work of doing it for you.

President Trump’s Hair Meets Stiff Wind, Hair Loses Badly

Mother Nature – 1
President Trump‘s hair – 0

A video of the Prez boarding Air Force One is, pardon the phrase, blowing up on the Internet and it’s exposed a bizarre UFO situation.

Watch and try to explain what the hell is flying on top of Trump’s head. There’s always been a buzz about combovers in the front of his ‘do — but this video, shot earlier this month, proves there’s more action ’round back.Trump has long insisted he does NOT wear a wig, or any hairpiece, but the stiff breeze seemed to temporarily remove ALL the hair from the back of his head.

And the wind cries … WTF??!!