Woodworking Project Helping Veterans Recover from PTSD

A woodworking project is helping veterans recover from the stresses of their time on their front line.

The former servicemen and women say creating their own rocking horses has also boosted their confidence and helped them on the road to recovery from illness or injury.

Among them is Kevin Gray, who served with The Royal Artillery twenty years ago and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I feel a massive sense of achievement and apart from my children, I think this is probably the proudest thing I have ever created.

That thing that has been missing in my life for twenty years, the friendship, the sense of belonging, was all instilled immediately here over the past seven months it has been a fantastic journey.” – KEVIN GRAY

Kevin and a handful of other veterans have each spent more than one hundred hours working on the project at Pheonix House, the Help for Heroes Recovery Centre in Catterick.

Woodshop manager Bob Marshall said he was delighted by the result.

PTSD is a very difficult thing to cope with and there is a feeling on worthlessness and just reminding people that they have been highly skilled, highly functioning individuals in a former life while they were serving and bringing that back through a piece of wood is a fantastic journey.” – BOB MARSHALL

The skill and workmanship of the veterans has been recognised by the Guild of Rocking Horse Makers.

Each horse has been valued at up to £1800 and on this occasion, they will be given to loved ones.

Via: ITV News


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